Mysteries of the Bible: Biblical Archaeology

Like the swashbuckling hero in Raiders of the Lost Ark, George Washington University Professor Eric H. Cline has a taste for adventure. On campus, he's a sought-after professor of classics and anthropology. But off campus, he travels the world unearthing clues to ancient times. An acclaimed archaeologist, Dr. Cline has led excavations across the Middle East for more than thirty years. He's dug up daggers and bowls, discovered fragments of frescoes, and searched for evidence of biblical heroes and events. Was Abraham a real person? Did the Exodus actually happen? Dr. Cline, author of Biblical Archaeology: A Very Short Introduction, will explore these mysteries and more with National Geographic Magazine's archaeology editor, Kristin Romey, at the Center for Jewish History. From 19th-century theologians who first headed to the Holy Land "with a bible in one hand and a trowel in another, to the secrets 21st-century technology reveals, they'll dig into this fascinating field and investigate the biblical mysteries archaeologists can and can't solve.

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