Searching for Jewish Heritage with Joseph Berger

When Joseph Berger was growing up in the Bronx, his mother described Otwock, her hometown in Poland, as an "enchanted spot graced by tall pine trees, lush lilac bushes and bracing air." After she died, Joe and his sister went back to Poland and visited their parents' childhood homes for the first time. What they discovered on their roots journey was both emotional and surprising.

Mr. Berger, a former New York Times reporter and the author of the acclaimed memoir, Displaced Persons: Growing up American after the Holocaust, joined us at the Center for Jewish History on May 17 to share stories and photos from his fascinating journey and offers tips for successful family searches abroad. Reflecting on the current political climate in Poland and how it might impact a similar journey today, Joe was joined by Jonathan Ornstein the Executive Director of the JCC in Krakow and Helise Lieberman, Director of the Taube Center for the Renewal of Jewish Life in Poland.

Presented in conjunction with Family History Today, the Center's monthly genealogy program series.

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